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Social responsibility  policy

The team welcome you to Latino Liquor.We take our responsibilities seriously and we invite you to read and support our policy below.

Alcohol will NOT be sold to minors.

Our website requires the buyer to tick an on-screen box declaring that they are 18 years of age or over when they first enter the alcohol section of our site and again immediately before the sale of any alcohol is completed.

All deliveries will be labelled witha'Latino Liquor'courier/delivery warning label-ID required.

Alcohol will NOT be delivered to minors.

All parcels are despatched and delivered by standard courier(Post Haste).

All parcels containing alcohol will be labelled and delivered according to the Post Haste Alcohol process document/policy.

Courier staff delivering goods containing alcohol are trained on ID collection and will ask for proof of age if the recipient appears to be under the age of 25.

The only acceptable forms of ID areacurrent:​


  •  NZ Drivers Licence

  •  Any Passport

  •  HNZ 18+ Card or Kiwi Access Card


Courier staff delivering goods containing alcohol will not delivery to anyone who is intoxicated or unable to confirm evidence of age if requested.

Asacompany providingawebsite which hosts information about and sells alcohol,our team is trained in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act(SSAA)2012.

Our team is aware of their responsibilities under the SSAA 2012.

Alcohol will not be promoted in an irresponsible manner.

Alcohol will not be delivered after 11pm at night and before 6am in the morning.

We care about our community, so we take our social responsibility extremely seriously with public safety being paramount in our objectives. We appreciate yourhelp in continuing to make thisasafe and respectful environment for everyone to enjoy and we look forward to you coming back to the Latino Liquor website soon.

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