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When is the International Rum Day?

International Rum Day is on August 16, celebrate this traditional alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane. This Caribbean elixir, which is consumed around the world, has set standards in its production and in international cuisine.

Rum is not only useful for making cocktails, this distillate is also used in some gastronomic dishes. In Mexico, it is essential in desserts such as ‘borrachitos’, Christmas punch, cocadas and even some sweet sauces with this distillate.

Celebrate this Day the right way

History of Rum's Internationa Day

The history of International Rum Day begins with the very invention of what we consider modern rum. Historians speculate that it was around 1650 when the indigenous people of the West Indies began experimenting with fermenting sugar cane into alcohol. Today we know this region as the Caribbean Basin.

It was only when explorers arrived in the region that this alcohol was properly distilled into rum. It quickly became an essential product in the many political negotiations that took place between the colonies. Rum drinks were often offered as bribes for the favor of one political candidate over another.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Best Cocktails to Celebrate this Holiday

Rum Berry Colado - A sweet and strong experience

Rum Nevado - The perfect combination of Rum and Ice Cream

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